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Book output formats

These output formats are for building books from single or multiple .Rmd documents. They are built with render_book().

The GitBook output format
Convert R Markdown to a PDF book
The EPUB e-book format
bs4_book() bs4_book_theme()
HTML book built with bootstrap4
html_chapters() html_book() tufte_html_book()
Build book chapters into separate HTML files

Single document output formats

These output formats enable bookdown’s special features like cross references in single .Rmd documents instead of books. There are built with rmarkdown::render().

Create a book

create_gitbook() create_bs4_book()
Create a bookdown project

Previewing and rendering books

render_book() preview_chapter()
Render multiple R Markdown documents into a book
Continuously preview the HTML output of a book using the servr package

Publishing books

Publish books on or elsewhere.

Publish a book to the web

Helper functions

These functions are utility functions when working with bookdown.

Clean up the output files and directories from the book
R Markdown site generator for bookdown
Convert the syntax of theorem and proof environments from code blocks to fenced Divs
A wrapper function to convert e-books using Calibre