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This function converts the syntax ```{theorem, label, ...} to ::: {.theorem #label ...} (Pandoc's fenced Div) for theorem environments.


fence_theorems(input, text = xfun::read_utf8(input), output = NULL)



Path to an Rmd file that contains theorem environments written in the syntax of code blocks.


A character vector of the Rmd source. When text is provided, the input argument will be ignored.


The output file to write the converted input content. You can specify output to be identical to input, which means the input file will be overwritten. If you want to overwrite the input file, you are strongly recommended to put the file under version control or make a backup copy in advance.


If output = NULL, the converted text is returned, otherwise the text is written to the output file.


Learn more about theorems and proofs and custom blocks in the bookdown book.