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Creates a tutorial question asking the student to enter text. The default text input is appropriate for short or single-line text entry. For longer text input, set the rows and/or cols argument to create a larger text area.

When used with answer(), the student's submission must match the answer exactly, minus whitespace trimming if enabled with trim = TRUE. For more complicated submission evaluation, use answer_fn() to provide a function that checks the student's submission. For example, you could provide a function that evaluates the user's submission using regular expressions.


  correct = "Correct!",
  incorrect = "Incorrect",
  try_again = incorrect,
  allow_retry = FALSE,
  random_answer_order = FALSE,
  placeholder = "Enter answer here...",
  trim = TRUE,
  rows = NULL,
  cols = NULL,
  options = list()



Question or option text


Answers created with answer() or answer_fn(), or extra parameters passed onto question(). Answers with custom function checking


For question, text to print for a correct answer (defaults to "Correct!"). For answer, a boolean indicating whether this answer is correct.


Text to print for an incorrect answer (defaults to "Incorrect") when allow_retry is FALSE.


Text to print for an incorrect answer (defaults to "Incorrect") when allow_retry is TRUE.


Allow retry for incorrect answers. Defaults to FALSE.


[Deprecated] Random answer order for text questions is automatically disabled to ensure that the submission is checked against each answer in the order they were provided by the author.


A character string giving the user a hint as to what can be entered into the control. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 do not support this option.


Logical to determine if whitespace before and after the answer should be removed. Defaults to TRUE.

rows, cols

Defines the size of the text input area in terms of the number of rows or character columns visible to the user. If either rows or cols are provided, the quiz input will use shiny::textAreaInput() for the text input, otherwise the default input element is a single-line shiny::textInput().


Extra options to be stored in the question object. This is useful when using custom question types. See sortable::question_rank() for an example question implementation that uses the options parameter.


Returns a learnr question of type "learnr_text".

See also

Other Interactive Questions: question_checkbox(), question_numeric(), question_radio(), quiz()


  "Please enter the word 'C0rrect' below:",
  answer("correct", message = "Don't forget to capitalize"),
  answer("c0rrect", message = "Don't forget to capitalize"),
  answer("Correct", message = "Is it really an 'o'?"),
  answer("C0rrect ", message = "Make sure you do not have a trailing space"),
  answer("C0rrect", correct = TRUE),
  allow_retry = TRUE,
  trim = FALSE
#> Question: "Please enter the word ‘C0rrect’ below:"
#>   type: "learnr_text"
#>   allow_retry: TRUE
#>   random_answer_order: FALSE
#>   answers:
#>     X: "correct"; "Don’t forget to capitalize"
#>     X: "c0rrect"; "Don’t forget to capitalize"
#>     X: "Correct"; "Is it really an ‘o’?"
#>     X: "C0rrect"; "Make sure you do not have a trailing space"
#>     ✔: "C0rrect"
#>   messages:
#>     correct: "Correct!"
#>     incorrect: "Incorrect"
#>     try_again: "Incorrect"
#>   Options:
#>     placeholder: "Enter answer here..."
#>     trim: FALSE 

# This question uses an answer_fn() to give a hint when we think the
# student is on the right track but hasn't found the value yet.
  "What's the most popular programming interview question?",
  answer("fizz buzz", correct = TRUE, "That's right!"),
  answer_fn(function(value) {
    if (grepl("(fi|bu)zz", value)) {
      incorrect("You're on the right track!")
  }, label = "fizz or buzz")
#> Question: "What’s the most popular programming interview question?"
#>   type: "learnr_text"
#>   allow_retry: FALSE
#>   random_answer_order: FALSE
#>   answers:
#>     ✔: "fizz buzz"; "That’s right!"
#>     ?: "fizz or buzz"
#>   messages:
#>     correct: "Correct!"
#>     incorrect: "Incorrect"
#>   Options:
#>     placeholder: "Enter answer here..."
#>     trim: TRUE