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Introducing learnr

Get Started with learnr

Start building interactive tutorials for R (and other languages!) today.

learnr Tutorial Examples

A collection of example interactive tutorials that use the learnr package.

Learn how to use learnr

Interactive Exercises

Learn how to create interactive exercises with code chunks in R Markdown documents.

Interactive Questions

Create multiple choice questions or open-ended text-based questions or quizes in your learnr tutorials.

Publish learnr tutorials

Publishing Basics

There are many ways to publish your learnr tutorials. This article covers the most common methods: publishing your tutorial as an R package or online on RStudio Connect or

Publishing on

An in-depth guide to publishing learnr tutorials on, with advice on sizing your Shiny app instances to meet the demands of students when learnr tutorials are used for workshops or in class rooms.

Customize learnr tutorials

Tutorial Formats

learnr can be used within a variety of R Markdown formats, not just the default tutorial provided by the package. This article contains helpful advice about using learnr with other formats.


Teach in your own language! learnr provides translations for its interface in a few languages thanks to volunteers who have contributed translations. You can also use the language features of learnr to customize the language used in your tutorials according to your preferences.

Release Notes

learnr v0.11.0

Everything new in the 0.11.0 release of learnr, an R package and R Markdown format for interactive programming tutorials.