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Register an event handler on a per-tutorial basis. Handlers for an event will be fired in the order that they were registered.


event_register_handler(event, callback)



The name of an event.


A function to be invoked when an event with a specified name occurs. The callback must take parameters session, event, and data.


A function which, if invoked, will remove the callback.


In most cases, this will be called within a learnr document. If that is the case, then the handler will exist as long as the document (that is, the Shiny application) is running.

If this function is called in a learnr .Rmd document, it should be in a chunk with context="server-start". If it is called with context="server", the handler will be registered at least two times (once for the application as a whole, and once per user session).

If this function is called outside of a learnr document, then the handler will persist until the learnr package is unloaded, typically when the R session is stopped.