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Format for creating submissions to many Oxford University Press journals. Adapted from and and the oup-authoring-template available on CTAN at


  oup_version = 0,
  journal = NULL,
  number_sections = FALSE,
  citation_package = ifelse(oup_version == 0, "default", "natbib"),
  papersize = c("large", "medium", "small"),
  document_style = c("contemporary", "modern", "traditional"),
  namedate = FALSE,
  onecolumn = FALSE,
  number_lines = FALSE,
  number_lines_options = NULL,
  keep_tex = TRUE,
  md_extensions = c("-autolink_bare_uris"),
  pandoc_args = NULL,



set to 0 (default) to use the 2009 OUP ouparticle.cls included or set to 1 to use the newer 2020 OUP package oup-authoring-template available on CTAN.


journal Title. (Only useful for oup_version > 0).


It will be passed to rmarkdown::pdf_document(). Set to TRUE by default when oup_version = 1 is used.


The LaTeX package to process citations, natbib or biblatex. Use default if neither package is to be used, which means citations will be processed via the command pandoc-citeproc.


one of "large" (default), "medium", or "small" setting output page size. (Only useful for oup_version > 0)


one of "contemporary" (default), "modern", or "traditional" setting overall style of document. (Only useful for oup_version > 0)


a logical variable indicating if natbib citations should be in name-date format. Defaults to FALSE. (Only useful for oup_version > 0)


a logical variable indicating if one column formatting should be used. Defaults to FALSE. (Only useful for oup_version > 0)

number_lines, number_lines_options

Control the usage of CTAN package lineno in the template. Use number_lines =TRUE to activate and set number_lines_options to change options. (Only useful for oup_version > 0)


Keep the intermediate tex file used in the conversion to PDF. Note that this argument does not control whether to keep the auxiliary files (e.g., .aux) generated by LaTeX when compiling .tex to .pdf. To keep these files, you may set options(tinytex.clean = FALSE).


Markdown extensions to be added or removed from the default definition of R Markdown. See the rmarkdown_format for additional details.


Additional command line options to pass to pandoc


Additional arguments to rmarkdown::pdf_document()


Note that for

  • oup_version=0, citation_package="default" by default,

  • oup_version=1, citation_package="natbib" by default and citation_package="biblatex" is not supported.

Pandoc requirement

oup_version = 1 requires a minimum version of 2.10.


if (FALSE) {
# Use old template based on `ouparticle.cls`
rmarkdown::draft("MyArticle.Rmd", template = "oup_v0", package = "rticles")
# Use new template based on `oup-authoring-template` CTAN package
rmarkdown::draft("MyArticle.Rmd", template = "oup_v1", package = "rticles")