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Accessing templates

To use rticles from RStudio, you can access the templates through File -> New File -> R Markdown. This will open the dialog box where you can select from one of the available templates:

New R Markdown
New R Markdown

If you are not using RStudio, you’ll also need to install Pandoc following these instructions. Then, use the rmarkdown::draft() function to create articles:

    "MyJSSArticle.Rmd", template = "jss", package = "rticles"
    "MyRJournalArticle", template = "rjournal", package = "rticles"

This will create a folder containing a Rmd file using the corresponding output format and all the assets required by this format.

View the list of available journal names with rticles::journals().

Figure numbering & cross-references

You may want to use features of the bookdown package like automatic numbering and cross-referencing of figures and tables in your article. To do this, you’ll need to follow bookdown documentation, i.e. to edit your YAML to:

  • Switch to the bookdown::pdf_book output format, and

  • Supply your rticles template of choice as the base_format.

    base_format: rticles::peerj_article

Read more about using the rticles package here: