distill v1.3 (Development)

  • Fix references style by adding CSS rules used in Pandoc for citeproc.
  • Fix issue w/ full content and categorized rss feed (#380).
  • Fix issue w/ _footer.html containing HTML tags using attributes with no value (#377).
  • Require lubridate 1.7.10 to fix an issue with timezone parsing on MacOS (#315).
  • Listing pages are correctly filtered when using categories with special characters, encoded in URI (#332).
  • distill now works with project folder containing special characters (#148).
  • Improved handling for citations with multiple ids (show popup and include in Google Scholar metadata).
  • css argument in distill_article() now supports new feature from rmarkdown::html_document_base() and will compile to CSS any .scss or .sass file.

distill v1.2 (CRAN)

  • Support for optional user display of source code via the code_folding option.
  • Display citation popup when hovering over references.
  • Definitely fix issue w/ importing articles from git repos with main default branch (#215).
  • Fix an issue with highlighting on Windows when there is a space in the resource’s path (#236).
  • Add optional cookie consent overlay for opt-in to Google Analytics and Disqus.
  • Support for including pages that use alternate R Markdown formats within Distill websites.
  • Automatically register collections referenced in listings YAML metadata.
  • Enhance create_article() function to create articles from alternate formats.
  • Fix issue w/ broken images in search results for pages with no preview image.
  • Fix issue w/ attempting to add non-site Rmds (e.g. README.Rmd) to search index.
  • Fix issue w/ duplicate includes within website articles
  • Suppress citation for individual articles/posts via citation: false metadata.
  • Add sourceCode class to pre and code tags for downlit output.
  • Fix issue w/ UTF-8 encoded characters in site _footer.html and listing creation.

distill v1.1

  • Fixed issue with overflow: hidden for code blocks on mobile devices (is now overflow: auto).
  • Improve full text search behavior w/ ignoreLocation: true and threshold: 0.
  • Fix issue w/ importing articles from git repos with main default branch.
  • Make headroom scroll tolerance a bit more forgiving (5px vs. 1px).

distill v1.0

  • Add site search feature using Fuse.js (enabled by default for blog sites). Can be explicitly enabled or disabled for any site using the search field in the navbar key of _site.yml.

  • Provide navbar link to website source code when source_url is provided in the navbar key of _site.yml.

  • Use pandoc rather than distill for bibliography generation. Provides support for csl, nocite, and link-citations, as well as the use of multiple bibliographies (including non-BibTeX ones). Eliminates distill provided mouse-over citation display, but users seem to value the Pandoc features more than this one.

  • Use pandoc rather than distill for code output (syntax highlighting themes can be customized using the highlight option). New default highlighting theme optimized for accessibility.

  • Use the downlit package to syntax highlight R code chunks (controlled by the highlight_downlit option, which is enabled by default).

  • More straightforward theming using the theme option (available for both articles and sites) and the create_theme() function.

  • Provide heading anchor links in left margin on hover.

  • Display article table of contents in the left sidebar. This is done only when the browser >= 1000 pixels wide, otherwise it’s shown at the top.

  • Added create_article() function for straightforward creation of new articles.

  • Show author (below date) within article listings.

  • Various improvements to category display, including showing categories on article pages and within article listings, adding a special “articles” category at the top that shows all articles, and display of the active category when a category filter is applied to a listing.

  • Don’t apply table td/th bottom border styles to gt tables.

  • Support for orcid_id author metadata (displays next to author name).

  • Added rename_post_dir() function for renaming post directories to reflect updated titles and publishing dates.

  • Ensure that date fields in RSS feeds and sitemaps use en_US.UTF-8 locale.

distill v0.8 (CRAN)

  • Generate RSS category feeds using rss/categories in site config
  • Support rendering full RSS content when rss/full_content is TRUE in site config
  • Ability to add custom HTML to top of sidebar.
  • Provide aria attributes on toolbar icons
  • Add “volume,” “issue,” “issn,” and “publisher” fields for journal article BibTeX entries when those are provided in YAML.
  • Provide alt text for logo image in navigation bar.
  • Add support some missing Google Scholar meta tags such as citation_conference_title, citation_isbn, citation_firstpage, citation_lastpage, citation_dissertation_institution, citation_technical_report_institution, and citation_technical_report_number and their corresponding bibliography entries.

distill v0.7 (CRAN)