The examples below illustrate all the article’s template included into this package.

acm - Association for Computing Machinery

output: acm_article

acs - American Chemical Society

output: acs_article

aea - American Economics Association journals

output: aea_article

agu - American Geophysical Union (AGU) Article Template

output: agu_article

ajs - AJS - Austrian Journal of Statistics

output: ajs_article

amq - Bulletin AMQ Article

output: amq_article

ams - American Meteorological Society

output: ams_article

arxiv - arXiv Preprint

output: arxiv_article

asa - ASA Journal Article

output: asa_article

bioinformatics - Bioinformatics Journal Article

output: bioinformatics_article

biometrics - Biometrics Journal Article

output: biometrics_article

copernicus - Copernicus Journal Article

output: copernicus_article

elsevier - Elsevier Journal Article

output: elsevier_article

frontiers - Frontiers Journal Article

output: frontiers_article

glossa - Glossa article

output: glossa_article

ieee - IEEE Transactions Journal Article

output: ieee_article

ims - Institute of Mathematical Statistics

output: ims_article

jasa - JASA Article

output: jasa_article

jedm - Journal of Educational Data Mining (JDEM)

output: jedm_article

joss - Journal of Open Source Software Article

output: joss_article

jss - Journal of Statistical Software

output: jss_article

lipics - LIPIcs Article

output: lipics_article

mdpi - MDPI Journal Article

output: mdpi_article

mnras - Monthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society

output: mnras_article

oup - Oxford University Press (OUP) Template

output: oup_article

peerj - PeerJ Journal Article

output: peerj_article

pihph - Papers in Historical Phonology Article (PiHPh)

output: pihph_article

plos - PLOS Journal Article

output: plos_article

pnas - PNAS Journal Article

output: pnas_article

rjournal - R Journal Submission

output: rjournal_article

rsos - Royal Society Open Science Journal Article

output: rsos_article

rss - Royal Statistical Society

output: rss_article

sage - Sage Journals Article Template

output: sage_article

sim - Statistics in Medicine Article

output: sim_article

springer - Springer Journal Article

output: springer_article

tf - Taylor & Francis Journal Article

output: tf_article