Determine whether pandoc is currently available on the system (optionally checking for a specific version or greater). Determine the specific version of pandoc available.

pandoc_available(version = NULL, error = FALSE)




Required version of pandoc


Whether to signal an error if pandoc with the required version is not found


pandoc_available returns a logical indicating whether the required version of pandoc is available. pandoc_version returns a numeric_version with the version of pandoc found.


The system environment variable PATH as well as the version of pandoc shipped with RStudio (its location is set via the environment variable RSTUDIO_PANDOC by RStudio products like the RStudio IDE, RStudio Server, Shiny Server, and RStudio Connect, etc) are scanned for pandoc and the highest version available is used. Please do not modify the environment variable RSTUDIO_PANDOC unless you know what it means.


if (FALSE) { library(rmarkdown) if (pandoc_available()) cat("pandoc", as.character(pandoc_version()), "is available!\n") if (pandoc_available("1.12.3")) cat("required version of pandoc is available!\n") }