Create a table in HTML with support for paging rows and columns

paged_table(x, options = NULL)



a data frame to be rendered as a paged table.


options for printing the paged table. See details for specifics.


Below are the recognized table pagination options.

max.printThe number of rows to print.1000
sql.max.printThe number of rows to print from a SQL data table.1000
rows.printThe number of rows to display.10
cols.printThe number of columns to display.10
cols.min.printThe minimum number of columns to display.-
pages.printThe number of pages to display under page navigation.-
paged.printWhen set to FALSE turns off paged tables.TRUE
rownames.printWhen set to FALSE turns off row names.TRUE

Note: There is a hard cap of 10,000 rows to ensure that pandoc will not fail when rendering the document.