Format for converting from R Markdown to GitHub Flavored Markdown.

  toc = FALSE,
  toc_depth = 3,
  number_sections = FALSE,
  math_method = "default",
  preserve_yaml = FALSE,
  fig_width = 7,
  fig_height = 5,
  dev = "png",
  df_print = "default",
  includes = NULL,
  md_extensions = NULL,
  hard_line_breaks = TRUE,
  pandoc_args = NULL,
  html_preview = TRUE,
  keep_html = FALSE



TRUE to include a table of contents in the output


Depth of headers to include in table of contents


TRUE to number section headings


"default" means that native Github support for math notations using Mathjax syntax will be used. Other possible value is "webtex" where equation will be rendered to an image in the resulting Markdown. See html_document() for option to change webtex URL. Set math_methodto NULL to opt-out any math treatment.


Preserve YAML front matter in final document.


Default width (in inches) for figures


Default height (in inches) for figures


Graphics device to use for figure output (defaults to png)


Method to be used for printing data frames. Valid values include "default", "kable", "tibble", and "paged". The "default" method uses a corresponding S3 method of print, typically The "kable" method uses the knitr::kable function. The "tibble" method uses the tibble package to print a summary of the data frame. The "paged" method creates a paginated HTML table (note that this method is only valid for formats that produce HTML). In addition to the named methods you can also pass an arbitrary function to be used for printing data frames. You can disable the df_print behavior entirely by setting the option rmarkdown.df_print to FALSE. See Data frame printing section in bookdown book for examples.


Named list of additional content to include within the document (typically created using the includes function).


Markdown extensions to be added or removed from the default definition of R Markdown. See the rmarkdown_format for additional details.


TRUE to generate markdown that uses a simple newline to represent a line break (as opposed to two-spaces and a newline).


Additional command line options to pass to pandoc


TRUE to also generate an HTML file for the purpose of locally previewing what the document will look like on GitHub.


TRUE to keep the preview HTML file in the working directory. Default is FALSE.


R Markdown output format to pass to render()


See the online documentation for additional details on using the github_document() format.

About Math support

Default behavior is to keep any inline equation using $ and any block equation using $$ in the resulting markdown as Github will process those using Mathjax. This feature is only available with Pandoc 2.10.1 and above

When using "webtex", PNG images with a white background are used by default so that it shows correctly on Github on both light and dark theme. You can choose to only output SVG for better quality by changing the URL used:

      engine: webtex

Background or fonts color cannot be changed for now and your equation may not be visible on dark theme.

Using "webtex" will be the default with Pandoc 2.0.4 until Pandoc 2.10. Before 2.0.4, Github document output does not support math.