[Experimental] These functions are experimental placeholders until the API supports this behavior.

content_list_with_permissions(src, ..., .p = NULL)

content_list_guid_has_access(content_list, guid)



A Connect R6 object


Extra arguments. Currently not used


Optional. A predicate function, passed as-is to purrr::keep(). See get_content() for more details. Can greatly help performance by reducing how many items to get permissions for


A "content list with permissions" as returned by content_list_with_permissions()


A user or group GUID to filter the content list by whether they have access


content_list_with_permissions loops through content and retrieves permissions for each item (with a progress bar). This can take a long time for lots of content! Make sure to use the optional .p argument as a predicate function that filters the content list before it is transformed.

content_list_guid_has_access works with a content_list_with_permissions dataset by checking whether a given GUID (either user or group) has access to the content by:

  • checking if the content has access_type == "all"

  • checking if the content has access_type == "logged_in"

  • checking if the provided guid is the content owner

  • checking if the provided guid is in the list of content permissions (in the "permissions" column)